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This post could be the function of describing Suga’s supposed gf a several years right back.

This post could be the function of describing Suga’s supposed gf a several years right back.

She appeared to have few friends that accompanied her and vice-versa along with commenting on her behalf articles, but all their profiles had been private helping to make things more dubious because we’dn’t understand if they’re fake or otherwise not.

Now, I’ve looked for this woman every-where by making use of Bing Reverse Re Re Search to locate I couldn’t find ANYTHING if she was just a girl whose had their photos taken by someone else, but. In addition need certainly to observe that it’s impractical to reverse search an image that may cause a Facebook, to ensure wasn’t helpful.

As of this point let’s assume this girl just is genuine and there’s perhaps not some body various behind the display screen.

We have most likely done anything else to attempt grindr username to find her identification on other platforms.

She had a classic twitter which just had by herself on the profile image, as well as its absolutely her, but no reference to Suga. (Tattoo + Miji Sticker)

She additionally had a Facebook and she passed both Miji Kim and Brookelle Kim. (does not occur anymore) There’s additionally no reference to Suga there either aside from the screenshot from previous which ended up being most likely taken before it became personal.

(Anybody else fed up with the stickers? )

We additionally discovered a reference to a woman whom looks like Miji (also she looks various. Though it plainly states her title into the tweet, ) and somebody had questioned whether it ended up being staff that is bighit Suga’s Girlfriend.

Miji had additionally published an image because well as changed her profile photo for whenever she was at Ca. She posted this the exact same time BTS had been in Anaheim when it comes to WINGS Tour. (this might be not likely precise but from my memory, it’s likely the days had been close. )

(Sorry there isn’t evidence of the date, it had been not long ago and so I didn’t think about it, i simply desired the images as evidence throughout that time. )