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I will be making use of no hermeneutic, thank you truly. We talk ancient greek language.

I will be making use of no hermeneutic, thank you truly. We talk ancient greek language.

The passage in 1 Cor. Does NOT utilize identity-words, it utilizes action terms: “those who steal, people who have drunk, people who revile, individuals who have intercourse with men”.

None of the are terms that basically refer to identity that is one’s in Greek. They refer to one’s actions.

Kathy, praise Jesus for the testimony and it’s also great to know that you’ve been aided here. We will truly just just take this into consideration whenever getting together with people related to SF.

Nonetheless, taking a look at Daniel’s reactions (re: “I speak ancient Greek — therefore there’s just what 1 Cor. 6:9-11 says… that are‘really’. As if nobody else has ever studied those verses – or lived them! ), you might additionally be able realise why i’m extremely skeptical.

In addition, while We appreciate that Ron has involved right here, he hasn’t really addressed some of my issues & he associated with a write-up about “divorce”, whenever my analogy was about adultery.

Maybe, i ought to have drawn it away further: if your married guy nevertheless experiences opposing intercourse attraction toward women that aren’t his spouse in a way for him to identify as an adulterous Christian that he is prone to fantasize about an adulterous affair, but he seeks help to battle the temptation, would it be proper? Needless to say maybe not, unless apply the reasoning this web site right right here.

I’m happy for you personally, Kathy, and would not wish to accomplish or state any such thing to discourage you. My concern may be the authors in the web web web site expect you’ll be treated as authorities mainly because an‘experience’ is had by them.