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Character development within the relationship emotionally to be equipped for that, fine… we have that.

Character development within the relationship emotionally to be equipped for that, fine… we have that.

Nevertheless I’d also argue versus the milking that is more paetron-based than such a thing, it will once once again be thought that both figures could be prepared to accomplish that.

It doesn’t need to be totally practical to market immersion within the dream, this one “naive but well-meaning if additionally extremely managing and seriously spoiled” female would just select to not make the product. Or state she does want to, n’t because she doesn’t worry about that problem.

She’s with her Daddy and he’ll protect her through the big bad world etc. Provide the player that agency, to express clearly it is something she or he wishes as you can into the story’s arc of future.

The fact that there are a couple variant branches on that note, I’d argue putting up front before the story begins as an intro that isn’t a tutorial. That during the final end, using the “correct” choices made there won’t be described as a punishment. The harem can be had by you course, i might however truly nix the caretaker. Through the whole tale ideally. Since that’s not very likely along with her intrinsic participation in chapter two, I’d state alternatively either have actually her get a real comeuppance that is legal have her randomly killed down in a major accident or something like that. Usually do not allow it to be feasible, or indicate any probability that family as it absolutely was in the start may mend. It broke in lore, for the explanation. It most likely wasn’t all their fault, also it may n’t have been each of hers. Therefore let that which was and it is broken, remain like that.

Dad gets the child, he’s two of her buddies, he’s got at the least two real adult females i could think about that might be thinking about a poly relationship plus one of these two ended up being outright stated to be. Within the final end, i might most useful want to see him actually marry one of several girls so it could be appropriate to permit.