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Why So Many women that are straight Lesbian Porn

Why So Many women that are straight Lesbian Porn

O ver the full years, Karen, 35, has generated just what she likes with regards to online porn. Three to four times per week, she goes into search of new videos in a few of her favorite groups — Big breast play. Squirting. Lesbian. Whenever she talked towards the Huffington Post, Karen had recently watched a video clip that hit every one of her sweet spots: two women that didn’t have “perky, fake boobs, ” but alternatively seemed genuine, like they are often mothers. These people were during intercourse, kissing and fondling one another.

“It ended up being nice, ” said Karen. “Sensual. ”

“I gravitate from what gets me going faster, ” she proceeded, “that is girl-on-girl. ”

But Karen is right.

There is certainly data that are little good exactly how many self-identified right ladies frequently view woman-on-woman porn, exactly what proof can be acquired recommends Karen is scarcely alone. A 2014 report from the free porn website Pornhub in collaboration with Buzzfeed, as an example, revealed that “lesbian” was by far the most notable seen category among its feminine users, plus the top search phrase — and ladies had been 445 % much more likely than males to look for “girl on woman.